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One of life’s little pleasures is a beautiful view of nature under a clear skyline on the beach. With miles of pristine shorelines, lush wildlife trails and the meandering waterways of the coastal lines, beach vacation is awesome. And there is more than a reason why you need to have the experience.

From everyone in shorts, tank tops, puka shells, and straw hats to smiles and beer all over. If you do not want to have the experience for the sheer scenery of the cool beach stuff there are then try it for the music and foods. You’ll be overwhelmed with lots of feelings but you’ll sure feel good.

For scientists, it helps to know that regular beach swims increases testosterone levels in men and estrogen in women thus increased libido and fertility. Cold water workouts are also said to burn more calories than warm pool swims. Regular beach swims also increases white blood cell count.

What Are Must Have Beach Items?

Without some cool beach stuff however you may not have this kind of experience for your beach vacation. An awesome experience lies in the preparation. There’s so much to consider each time you think of what you need for the beach. The beach gear list should be thoughtful and inclusive.

Check to ensure all must have beach items including beach equipment, beach supplies, and beach accessories are in check right before taking your flight. You will feel much comfortable this beach chair reviews

Chaise Lounge Chairs – an indispensable element of summer furniture made for the outdoors – pools, picnics or the beach. Best folding beach chairs have an adjustable back and recline to several different positions for a great comfort and sunning. Find yours at our guide.

best beach tent reviewsBeach Tents – easy to assemble shelters that make the necessary shadow and save freshness. Such a tent will save you and your children on hot summer days from the sun, overheating or even sunstroke. Check best beach shelters at this page.

best beach canopy reviewsPop Up Canopies – great companions for tailgates at the beach or park that go with an aluminum frame and colourful fabric. They’re lightweight, easy to store and assemble. Choose best pop-up canopy tents over here

Some of the little known beach equipment you should strive to carry along include: sand diggers, drink and wine holders, metal detecting sandals and a sand-proof kindle casing. Must have beach supplies on the other hand include beach games and toys, lotions, sand blasters, and medication.

You could also do with beach bags and or canvas totes, sunglasses, and bracelets for accessories.

BeachGiraffe – What We Do

What you will find here are reviews to help you pick some of the best things to take to the beach.
From some extra clothing, extra food, kids’ beach gear, binoculars, sunscreen, chaise lounges, radio, shelters, canopies, umbrellas, flip-flops, first aid kit to some reading materials, entertainment and sports equipment. BeachGiraffe is here to fill your beach gear list with the best beach accessories.

Again, while here, you’ll get to know just the right outfit you need for your destination. We don’t only highlight what cool beach stuff is perfect for which beach destinations. Based on the vast experience traveling and expertise of our team, you will also get a take-away of our inspiring gen.

BeachGiraffe – Our Goal

Other considerations likely to influence the things to take to the beach. Whether or not you’ll end up with some cool beach stuff include your goal for wanting to go out; holiday or adventure, how much you’ll want to spend on your beach vacation, and how long you will want to be there.

Our goal is to become the single largest online specialty review shop for your beach vacation and outdoor events. Our focus is to deliver the best beach vacation experience for you by giving you the best.

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