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Beach chairs are ubiquitous on the sand in the summer as well as in warm climates, and choosing the right one for you depends on a number of factors. With a vast array of sizes and styles, knowing what to buy and what is the best beach chair can be a challenge.

Indeed, the market is full of different products, and your enjoyment depends on determining the most comfortable beach chair. In this article, I’ll take a look at the different types, discuss some of the things to look for, review popular models. I’ll help determine which ones make for the ultimate beach chair.

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Top Safest Best Kids Beach Chairs

Kids like to have fun in the sun too, and there are a wide array of kid’s chairs available on the market. Designed to accommodate smaller bodies, these chairs will ensure your young ones enjoy the best of the beach weather. Whether you’re looking for a kid’s- or a baby beach chair, these selections will cater to your needs.

Melissa & Doug Butterfly Chair
Kelsyus Kid's Canopy Chair
Redmon For Kids Folding Camp Chair
160 lb
75 lb
3.2 pounds
2.8 pounds
4.75 pounds
Textile, Metal
14 x 14 x 23 inches
25 x 13 x 12.75 inches
31 x 31.5 x 22.5 inches
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1. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair Review [4.8/5.0]

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

Children three and up will enjoy the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair. Designed for youngsters, constructed with a durable aluminum frame and features sturdy, easy to clean polyester fabric.

The bright colors and friendly design will appeal to kids playfulness and won’t fade after repeated exposure to sunlight. Simple to use, it folds easily when not in use and comes equipped with a storage bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation. Featuring a cup holder to handle your child’s beverage, the chair weighs a meager 2.8lbs.

Despite the low weight, it’s built to last, and will allow your child to be seated securely and safely. The legs and feet are designed for increased traction for added stability, yet won’t damage sensitive flooring. The padded arms are easily adjustable to match your growing child’s needs. It doesn’t feature a pocket for valuables. You likely won’t miss it as the chair does it’s job admirably and makes for an excellent toddler beach chair.

– Lightweight and durable
– Feet designed for extra traction
– Includes cup holder
– Easy to fold and transport
– Polyester fabric is easy to wash
– Friendly and fun color scheme.

– No pocket.

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2. Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair Review [4.7/5.0]

Kelsyus Kid's Canopy Chair

For an outstanding beach chair with canopy, the Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair is an excellent buy. In addition to the strong aluminum frame and durable, comfortable polyester material, the chair features a canopy to provide shade from the sun. The chair material is completely washable, so spills and messes are a snap to clean up.

Weighing only 5lbs, it is light enough for anyone to move, including children. It folds down when not in use and remains firmly fastened in the closed position thanks to included clips. As well, the included carrying case features padded shoulder straps (two) that make transportation simple and easy. It includes a built-in cup holder, and the canopy features a mesh pocket to store items in. It’ll hold children weighing up to 75lbs, so it will grow with your child, and it’s intended for kids three and older. The armrests are padded for extra comfort, ensuring your child will be safely and comfortably ensconced.

The canopy is not adjustable, however, although it should not be a problem for most kids. (If you need really good pop up, check my reviews of the best beach canopies.) Still, it’s an excellent chair, offering the equivalent of 50 SPF protection.

– Lightweight; weighs only 5lbs
– Easy to carry
– Clips keep chair firmly closed
– Easy to transport thanks to carrying case
– Cup holder and pocket.

– Canopy height is not adjustable.

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3. Redmon For Kids Folding Camp Chair Review [4.5/5.0]

Redmon For Kids Folding Camp Chair

For the perfect small beach chair, the Redmon Folding Camp Chair delivers the perfect mix of size and comfort. Designed to hold children weighing up to 160lbs, it’ll accommodate kids two and older. Despite weighing only 3.6lbs, it features a heavy-duty frame constructed of steel with a scratch-resistant coating. A cup holder is included in the easy to clean polyester material, although no pocket is on offer.

It’s easy to set up and use, and when done it folds down quickly into the included storage/carrying bag with carrying strap. Safety will never be an issue, as a lock will keep the chair open when in use, and it’s easy to disengage when it’s time to fold up. The chair is sturdily constructed, and will keep pace with your child’s needs. It’s built to last and should stay in excellent working order for years. It’s low enough to the ground so that children can easily get on and off without a problem. The chair is available in three colors: blue, red and pink.

– Lightweight and durable
– Locking mechanism to keep chair securely open
– Cup holder
– Scratch-resistant coating
– Easy to clean
– Included carrying bag for easy transportation.

– No pocket.

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Best Beach Lounge Chair Types

There’s a lot of features to consider when choosing the best portable beach chair. Indeed, the chair that you select will likely be determined by your needs, as a variety of chairs on the market are available to suit differing requirements. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the popular types available and help you decide which type is right for you.

First on the list is the classic sand chair. Designed to be sturdy, compact and easy to operate on sand, these stable chairs are perfect for the beach. These are ideal when portability and ease of use are paramount, as they are very easy to transport to and from the beach. Select this model when you want a comfortable but no-nonsense beach chair.

The chaise lounge chair, on the other hand, is a lounger that is more designed for comfort over anything else. They tend to be heavier and trickier to move around and give the added benefit of being much more comfortable to use. Relaxation is the key with these lounge chairs, so look for a model with comfortable padding and contouring.

Backpack chairs, as the name implies, are those which fold easily and can be carried via shoulder straps much like a backpack. They are ideal for when portability is a key factor, as they are very easy to transport to and from the beach. Backpack chairs are usually very comfortable and durable, yet lightweight.

When looking for a suitable chair for a child, toddler beach chairs are usually a great investment. Small, light, and constructed to be low to the ground for easy access/egress, a baby beach chair is just the ticket to allow a child to relax comfortably. They are durably constructed and usually incorporate latches to ensure that the chair doesn’t accidentally close.

Hi-boy beach chairs feature long backs for extra support. Perfect for tall or large individuals, they will ensure that most of the body length is adequately supported for comfort. They are usually lightweight and easy to transport, despite the extra length. Foldable for easy storage, hi-boy beach chairs are the ideal solution for tall people to relax comfortably on the beach.

Zero gravity beach chairs, on the other hand, are designed to support the entire length of the body. Slightly longer than most chairs, and as a result slightly heavier, they are nonetheless constructed of lightweight yet durable materials that can usually support weights of up to 300lbs. They are total-body loungers that simulate “zero gravity” by taking the full weight off of your feet.

Portable Best Beach Chair Features

Although beach chairs come in all shapes and sizes, there are certain features that can set models apart. These include:
– Cup holders. Better chairs will come equipped with cup holders to let you relax in style. After all, there’s no better way to stay hydrated on the beach than by having a drink easily accessible.
– Padded chairs. Some chairs will be more spartan than others, so look for a chair that has comfortable enough padding.
– Canopy chairs. Some chairs come equipped with canopies to help keep the sun off of your head. As well, canopies will usually have pockets for storage and the canopy itself will do double-duty as a tote bag.
– Folding beach chairs. Ideally, the chair should be able to fold up for easy storage and transportation.
– Footrest. For extra comfort, some beach chairs feature footrests. These not only increase the overall relaxation level but provide needed support to the feet.
– Headrest. Similar to footrests, a headrest can not only increase comfort but can help to support the head.
– Multiple recline positions. Many folding beach chairs have the ability to be set into different positions, so you can choose the level of recline that suits your comfort level .

Best Beach Chair Materials

Beach chairs are manufactured from a variety of materials, including:
– Aluminum. By far the most commonly-used material for beach chair construction, aluminum frames are both lightweight and durable. Despite being robust by nature, aluminum is also susceptible to damage if not handled properly.
– Wood. Wooden beach chairs evoke a classical beauty, as for generations chairs have been made out of wood. It has the advantage of not absorbing solar heat the way aluminum does, although the drawback is that they are usually much heavier.
– Plastic. Beach chairs constructed of plastic are very lightweight and extremely portable. However, that lightness comes at a cost of durability, as plastic beach chairs are not as strong as their wooden or aluminum cousins.
Checkered gingham. When looking at the materials used over the frame, checkered gingham is a very classic style. It’s frequently woven over an aluminum frame to provide heavy-duty support. Having said that, the material is not as comfortable against bare skin as others.
– Nylon. Inflatable chairs are usually constructed out of heavy-duty nylon, and most are designed to resist rips and tears. Nylon also makes for a very lightweight material. The main downside of nylon is that it can easily be heated by the sun’s rays.

Beach Chair FAQ

Question: What kind of chair should I choose?

Answer: It depends on your needs. Regular beach chairs are the easiest and quickest to set up. However, if you want more comfort, a heavier lounge chair might be for you.

Question: How much weight will a beach chair support?

Answer: The weight limit will vary but most chairs are designed to support weights of up to 300lbs.

Question: What material is the most comfortable?

Answer: In most cases, polyester is the fabric of choice. It’s heavy-duty yet can be contoured to the body. As well, it won’t absorb as much heat as other materials. This is also true for the best beach tents.

Question: Do all beach chairs come with drink holders?

Answer: No. While the vast majority do, and some can even offer up to four, not all models feature drink holders.

Question: What’s the most portable type of chair?

Answer: Inflatable chairs are easy to carry around and store. They usually don’t require a pump; simply walk around with it and it will automatically inflate.

Question: What’s a good chair type for kids?

Answer: While there are many kid’s models available on the market, those with canopies help also keep the sun off. In any case, look for a chair with safety features such as security clips and stable feet.

Question: Which type of chair is better for large people?

Answer: There are a variety of chairs that cater to oversized individuals, including some that hold up to 500lbs of weight. Consider your size needs and try to select a chair that fits your features.


Ultimately, the best beach chairs are the ones that you find the most comfortable, as well as the one that most fits with your lifestyle. With a wide array of shapes and sizes to choose from, from modern folding chairs to lounge, oversize and kid’s beach chairs, there is more than enough selection to make an informed choice.

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