21 Signs You You Need to Take a Beach Vacation

signs you need to take a beach vacationHave you been living in the “house-office-house-office” lifestyle for several months already and have you forgotten the impressions of the last trip? It’s good to work a lot, but psychotherapists and scientists (including British ones) say that putting off your rest is bad, and often even dangerous for your health.

In this article, BeachGiraffe.com Team collected 21 signs that it’s time for you to go on vacation.
So, you definitely have to pack your bag, choose one of those beaches, book a tour or hotel, buy tickets or just go where your soul desires.

21 Reasons to Pack Your Bag Right Now

  1. You visit the sites of travel agencies more often than on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. You habitually come to work on Sunday.
  3. You hear the surf noise in the sound of PC power supply.
  4. You watch the release of Top Gear, and you are both sad and astonishing at the same time.
  5. The people around you often ask if you are not sick.
  6. Your last post in Instagram was posted more than 30 weeks ago.
  7. The validity of your passport has expired.
  8. As a desktop background on your laptop you have a picture of the sea.
  9. Recently, you hate your boss or one of your key partners or colleagues especially keenly.
  10. You forgot how to swim.
  11. You make airplanes and cut out little palms from working papers and quarterly reports.
  12. Before going to bed, you take with yourself the magnets from your previous holidays.
  13. Every night you dream of a cocktail on the beach of Hawaii.
  14. You use your suitcases solely for storing things.
  15. It takes 15 minutes to open MS Word and select the desired font.
  16. You are not interested in viewing photos from your friends’ travels on social networks.
  17. You remember by heart all the road signs on the usual way to work.
  18. In the evenings, you longingly look at photos from travel.
  19. Under a business suit you wear a swimsuit.
  20. You seriously think that you have too much to do to travel.
  21. And one more, perhaps, the main sign that it’s time to go on vacation. Outside the window is excellent weather, at beach resorts it’s even better.

If you are familiar with one or more of the situations listed above, you know what to do Рgo on vacation! We wish you a great holiday this summer. Also, take care to take great accessories for the beach. Do not delay with the choice of the hotel, because, as you know, places in the best hotels are bought up quickly.

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