7 Reasons to Take a Vacation This Very Minute

reasons to take vacation

Often in our minds there are beliefs that the world will collapse if we go for a ten-minute walk instead of completing the work. But the apocalypse does not happen, just check. If you are thrown into a cold sweat at the thought of tomorrow’s work and your fingers ache from the endless tapping on the keys – it’s time to take a vacation.

1. Vacation is an opportunity to relax

One weekend for an absolute rest is not enough. “Working” mode turns off only on the fourth day of unrestrained relaxation. Thoughts about small assignments that you forgot to give out. And the alarm about a missed letter from the client . All these go into the background when you enjoy the grandeur of mountain landscapes or delve into your favorite book on a lightweight folding beach lounge chair near the pool.

2. You will increase your own productivity

A lot of work will lead to nothing good (do not even convince). To restore strength, you can use your heavy artillery like listening to classical music or evening walks along the waterfront. But all this will give only a temporary result. A week of rest will be enough to draw inspiration for the next six months.

3. Our brain emits a lot of serotonin on the ocean (sea, river)

You stand on the shore. You feel the salty smell of the wind. The evening coolness rests on your shoulders, and harmony is born in your soul. If the holidays have not happened for a long time, it’s better to spend time under at the best beach shelter. Do not look for new meanings, studying architectural sights.

4. You will get an emotional splash

Travel is synonymous with grandiose ideas. Well, it’s really hard to be creative from under the stick, when the brain has not rested for a year. Traveling, you immerse yourself in another culture, absorb new knowledge. You surprise at the findings, which have not been read in travel-blogs. Moreover, sincere surprise contributes to the prolongation of youth, so also positive emotions affect your productivity. Feel free to learn from foreigners, and above all – to enjoy life.

5. Subordinates will cope without you

Give your subordinates the opportunity and see how responsible they can be. The world will not collapse if you delegate your powers and break away from work for a week or two.

6. You will have time for art

Read inspirational literature, enjoy the canvasses of classics and postmodernists, visit theaters. Let your life be more motivational and inspiring. This is a sure step to success.

7. We live once

“Here I will close the task – and I’ll go to dinner.” “I’ll work on Saturday morning – and I’ll go to the cinema.” “I’ll buy an apartment – and then I will enjoy life.” We live in the XXI century and have not yet learned to appreciate the moments, to find time to pamper ourselves. Today and now. Without realizing the problem, we fall into the trap of deferred happiness.

Take a step towards the best. Do you already write a vacation application?

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