How to Have the Ideal Vacation: Practical Tips

ideal vacation tips
Each worker puts on a summer vacation very bright hopes. But he or she forgets it is not enough to choose a resort place and solve organizational issues to spend several undisturbed weeks. After all, “falling out” of everyday life is not so easy. Even if you are geographically away from your place of work.
Disconnect your smartphone? Surrender to idle thoughts, determining the time of day only by the position of the sun? Who can afford it? And when? On holiday! And he can not, he must!
Ah, summer! Time for vacations, promising the opportunity to relax, disconnect from a tense life, gain new impressions and get a charge of energy for the next six months, or even a year. BeachGiraffe prepared an article on 3 components of the ideal vacation.

Without working days in your luggage

According to one survey among more than 1000 qualified specialists, one in five of respondents does not manage to really “disconnect” on summer vacation.
37 percent of respondents said that they can completely forget about working days, but only after a few vacation days. Well, another 42 percent – real lucky ones – are able to dive from the very first day.

Vacation begins yesterday

It is very important to plan the last few days before going on vacation, experts say. At this time vacationers hand over the cases to colleagues who will replace them for several weeks. The last day before vacation is often transformed into a real race with obstacles that exhausts physically and emotionally. It deprives them of the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest from the very first minute. Therefore, by the last working day it is necessary to prepare in advance. Carefully thought out everything and outline the time guidelines.
Do not plan the commencement of the trip on your first vacation day. Leave a couple of days in reserve to calmly pack your bags and tune in for the trip.
At the end of the holiday, it’s a good idea to have one day off to prepare for work days. If you plan such a temporary “bridge” in everyday life, this will help you extend the positive effect of rest. Conversely, if you start working directly the next day after coming from vacation, the replenished energy reserves will quickly evaporate.

No stress

Another common mistake is to overload yourself with excursions, hikes and other activities of this kind. Of course, vacation should be active, and the one who “prescribes” lying on a deckchair at the beach as the only true means against stress is not right.
The need to rush from one planned event to another is a real enemy of a good holiday. Do not watch the time, leave the wrist watch in the suitcase, and mobile phones at home. Take a minimum of clothes and stop counting calories!
Perhaps some business women may find these tips impracticable, but the effect of such a radical rejection of the usual life can exceed all expectations. Just try!

No internet

What prevents relaxing holiday-makers in the first place? Of course, mobile phones, smartphones, the Internet, in general – our need not to lose touch with the outside world. In addition, even if desired, not everyone can afford to be unattainable to the employer.
In this case, you can take some measures. First, talk with the boss and ask him whether you really need to be in touch day and night. Maybe it is not so necessary. And you did not know about it because of the developed sense of responsibility. Maybe it’s enough to agree that you are worried only in case of emergency?
If you can not – even for a couple of weeks – get free from the “information web”, then plan for yourself a certain, clearly limited time for access to the Internet. Difficult? Of course. But worth a try. Because a good rest is the basis for successful and effective work.
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