Children on the Beach: 9 Practical Tips for Parents

children on the beach tipsDo you want to spend more than half an hour on the beach so that the child does not whine, that it’s hot, or he’s tired or hungry? Then our recommendations will be useful to you. BeachGiraffe offers you to read 9 best life hacks for a pleasant pastime with your child on vacation.

1. Beach shelter or umbrella

These are universal things. There you can put a small inflatable pool, so that the kids can play with the water in the shade, or simply lay the blankets and have a picnic. It’s important that children can sleep under a canopy without the danger of overheating, and you don’t have to go home for a day’s sleep. Check our reviews to find more.

2. Cooling bag

Beach coolers are useful for perishables in case you take jelly, berries and chocolates on the beach (anything can happen).

3. Frozen water

Put the bottles of water in the freezer for the night before and then keep them in the beach cooler – it’ll help not to melt the sweeties. And as soon as they thaw, you can drink water.

4. A hand washing bucket

Children love to tinker in the sand, and it’s very difficult to wash their hands, especially when you need a snack. Take a pair of plastic buckets and let the children rinse their hands before eating. So they don’t have sand in their mouths.

5. Grab the toys for the bathroom

No need to buy a whole bunch of toys for the beach, which will be useful only in a year. Children love everything where they can pour something.

6. Take your toys

It’s better to stock up on toys before leaving. They are much cheaper than in the resort. They’re usually packed very compactly, so it’s easy to transport them.

7. Use reusable bags

Instead of polyethylene bags, leather and cotton bags, it’s best to use strong eco-bags of synthetic materials. The sand will be shaken off, the water will dry, and if soiled, it can always be washed and dried quickly. Now such bags are sold in many places. Most often they are folded into a very comfortable and very small leather case.

8. Packing snacks

Take many small packages. It’s still cheaper than buying expensive food on the beach. You can still try and prepare a useful snack in advance.

9. Put the electronics in sealed bags

Sealed bags with reliable fasteners will be useful for safety from water and sand.

Children love to play on the beach. Make their rest as fun and memorable as possible!

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