6 Tips for a Family Beach Vacation on a Budget

You might be saving your paychecks, but you still deserve to relax and unwind under the sun, so we’ve come up with this list of simple tips on how to treat your family without having to spend a ton of money.

Time has to be taken in order to plan a wonderful yet inexpensive vacation, especially one on a beach. So here’s what’s suggested.

budget family beach vacation tips


Before going, research the place you’ll be going to online, through pamphlets or ask around. Keep an eye out for discounts. Make sure your kids feel included to give them a sense of togetherness.

Choose time wisely

It is better to focus on the beginning or end of the season. As a rule, these are months like May, the beginning of June and September, and also the beginning of October. The heat in these months is not felt to the full, the water is warm for swimming, and the prices are significantly different from July and August.

Pack lunch

Pack sandwiches and snacks instead of eating in a beach restaurant or café. A family picnic on the beach is a more fun idea than a restaurant, anyway.

Talk, talk, talk

Explain to your kids that you won’t be able to spend a lot before you go, and they will listen if you explain thoroughly.

Sunny afternoons

Beaches usually offer venues to lounge in on them, but instead of spending money on that everyday, bring your own chairs from home. It’s doubtful you can go wrong with the 5 position Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair.

Nothing wrong with camping

Why not make the trip there part of vacation? You could even camp out under the stars and give yourself a chance to rest. If you need the best beach shelter but still want to look at the stars, the Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent might be your solution.

As you can see, there are many ways to have a fun family vacation without having to spend a lot. Most importantly, just enjoy the sun and your family’s company.

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