5 Best Beach Camping Tips for Your Next Trip

Going camping and going to the beach – two activities that are a lot of fun, are good for you and aren’t even that expensive. Imagine combining them now. If you had such a good idea, then, below are written some short yet useful tips on how to make the best of beach camping.

Every camping trip needs to include some essentials such as a tarp, sleeping bags, beach shelters, cooking supplies and flashlights, but the most important thing just might be a positive attitude!

Beach Camping Tips

Rain, rain go away, come again another day

Never forget your rainfly, even if there is no chance of it raining. You’re sleeping near the water meaning the humidity is high, and everything is going to be damp. Who wants to wake up like that?

The high tide might be nigh

Is it? Better investigate before setting up camp! Familiarize yourself with the water, and make sure you don’t sleep close to it. Remember, the full moon affects the tides’ behaviour. Be sure to check tide charts!

Sand-coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere

Sand has a habit of getting into all the little nooks and crannies that it really shouldn’t be in.
Using the best beach tents are a great way to avoid sand; the Pacific Breeze Ease Up Beach Tent might be a good choice, but in any case – good luck!

Sleeping wrapped in warmth

One idea to enhance the experience would be sleeping under the stars. If the night’s clear and you decide to fall asleep outside, use a synthetic sleeping bag. We suggest using the Coleman Sleeping Bag, to ensure everything goes fine.

The warm glow of the flames

Fire is the best way of keeping warm and makes things more oldschool, and more romantic. Use dry wood and be patient as it takes a while for it to start. Also, portable beach chairs are better to sit on than the ground so be sure to bring some. A recommendation would be the Cascade Mountain Tech’s Lightweight Outdoor Chair.

Enjoy Your Beach Camping!

You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for nature after a night out on the beach, so just be sure to utilize your new knowledge, gained after reading this article!

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