Children on the Beach: 9 Practical Tips for Parents

children on the beach tipsDo you want to spend more than half an hour on the beach so that the child does not whine, that it’s hot, or he’s tired or hungry? Then our recommendations will be useful to you. BeachGiraffe offers you to read 9 best life hacks for a pleasant pastime with your child on vacation.

1. Beach shelter or umbrella

These are universal things. There you can put a small inflatable pool, so that the kids can play with the water in the shade, or simply lay the blankets and have a picnic. It’s important that children can sleep under a canopy without the danger of overheating, and you don’t have to go home for a day’s sleep. Check our reviews to find more.

2. Cooling bag

Beach coolers are useful for perishables in case you take jelly, berries and chocolates on the beach (anything can happen).

3. Frozen water

Put the bottles of water in the freezer for the night before and then keep them in the beach cooler – it’ll help not to melt the sweeties. And as soon as they thaw, you can drink water.

4. A hand washing bucket

Children love to tinker in the sand, and it’s very difficult to wash their hands, especially when you need a snack. Take a pair of plastic buckets and let the children rinse their hands before eating. So they don’t have sand in their mouths.

5. Grab the toys for the bathroom

No need to buy a whole bunch of toys for the beach, which will be useful only in a year. Children love everything where they can pour something.

6. Take your toys

It’s better to stock up on toys before leaving. They are much cheaper than in the resort. They’re usually packed very compactly, so it’s easy to transport them.

7. Use reusable bags

Instead of polyethylene bags, leather and cotton bags, it’s best to use strong eco-bags of synthetic materials. The sand will be shaken off, the water will dry, and if soiled, it can always be washed and dried quickly. Now such bags are sold in many places. Most often they are folded into a very comfortable and very small leather case.

8. Packing snacks

Take many small packages. It’s still cheaper than buying expensive food on the beach. You can still try and prepare a useful snack in advance.

9. Put the electronics in sealed bags

Sealed bags with reliable fasteners will be useful for safety from water and sand.

Children love to play on the beach. Make their rest as fun and memorable as possible!

4 Healthy Sunbathing Tips for a Perfect Tan

Sunbathing TipsWarm summer, bright sun, endless sea, beautiful sandy beach – how long we wait for it and dream about it! And, of course, any holiday on the coast is accompanied by a beautiful golden tan. In fact, it often ends up with scorched skin, sleepless nights, and sometimes the temperature that quickly rose due to sunburn. So how to take sunbath and stay healthy? To avoid sunburns and get a beautiful tan, you just need to follow a few simple rules.

Preparing for sunbathing

Ultraviolet has an extremely negative effect on the skin, drying it. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to prepare yourself for contact with the sun beforehand. For some time before going to the sea, start using moisturizing and nourishing skin creams.

If you have very sensitive skin, visit the solarium 2-3 weeks before the holiday. Two or three times for 5 minutes will be enough to ensure that the cells accustomed to ultraviolet and easily withstand the scorching sun.

So, by the beginning of vacation your body will get a light golden tint. The probability of burning will decrease significantly. And you’ll look beautiful from the very first day on the beach.

How to sunbathe on the beach?

  • What’s the best time to sunbathe? From sunrise to noon, then from 16 pm until sunset. At lunchtime, the sun is the most aggressive, and staying under it is fraught with rapid burns and sunstroke.
  • Start with 5-10 minutes, increasing daily the time spent in the open sun. The rest of the time spend under a beach shade. So you get a smooth beautiful tan, and the skin won’t begin to peel off in a few days.
  • Don’t use toilet waters, essential oils, creams based on mineral fats.
  • Lie on the beach in such a way that the sun warms your feet, so that the light would fall along the entire body. For a maximum comfort, use beach lounge chair from our review. Raise the head a little. Thus, the sun won’t hit the eyes, and the neck will sunbathe.
  • Change the position every 10 minutes, turning to the sun with the other side of the body.
  • Bathe in the sea, the river, the pool or take a shower, depending on the place you sunbathe, every 20 minutes.
  • Sunbathe 1-2 hours after a meal, so the body most easily tolerates the stress of meeting with ultraviolet.
  • As already mentioned, ultraviolet dehydrates the skin, so you need to nourish and moisturize it with the help of creams. A couple of times a week, use a scrub to remove dead cells. If you have sensitive skin, reduce the use of scrub to once a week.

How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time?

Getting a beautiful and even tan is only half the battle. In order to prolong its life, drink carrot juice, eat yellow and orange fruits. Don’t forget to use a nourishing cream, moisturize the body.

Knowing how to sunbathe at sea, you can quickly acquire a beautiful tan and significantly reduce the risk of burning. I wish you a warm sun! Let the rest on the beach give the best impressions!

How to Have the Ideal Vacation: Practical Tips

ideal vacation tips
Each worker puts on a summer vacation very bright hopes. But he or she forgets it is not enough to choose a resort place and solve organizational issues to spend several undisturbed weeks. After all, “falling out” of everyday life is not so easy. Even if you are geographically away from your place of work.
Disconnect your smartphone? Surrender to idle thoughts, determining the time of day only by the position of the sun? Who can afford it? And when? On holiday! And he can not, he must!
Ah, summer! Time for vacations, promising the opportunity to relax, disconnect from a tense life, gain new impressions and get a charge of energy for the next six months, or even a year. BeachGiraffe prepared an article on 3 components of the ideal vacation.

Without working days in your luggage

According to one survey among more than 1000 qualified specialists, one in five of respondents does not manage to really “disconnect” on summer vacation.
37 percent of respondents said that they can completely forget about working days, but only after a few vacation days. Well, another 42 percent – real lucky ones – are able to dive from the very first day.

Vacation begins yesterday

It is very important to plan the last few days before going on vacation, experts say. At this time vacationers hand over the cases to colleagues who will replace them for several weeks. The last day before vacation is often transformed into a real race with obstacles that exhausts physically and emotionally. It deprives them of the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest from the very first minute. Therefore, by the last working day it is necessary to prepare in advance. Carefully thought out everything and outline the time guidelines.
Do not plan the commencement of the trip on your first vacation day. Leave a couple of days in reserve to calmly pack your bags and tune in for the trip.
At the end of the holiday, it’s a good idea to have one day off to prepare for work days. If you plan such a temporary “bridge” in everyday life, this will help you extend the positive effect of rest. Conversely, if you start working directly the next day after coming from vacation, the replenished energy reserves will quickly evaporate.

No stress

Another common mistake is to overload yourself with excursions, hikes and other activities of this kind. Of course, vacation should be active, and the one who “prescribes” lying on a deckchair at the beach as the only true means against stress is not right.
The need to rush from one planned event to another is a real enemy of a good holiday. Do not watch the time, leave the wrist watch in the suitcase, and mobile phones at home. Take a minimum of clothes and stop counting calories!
Perhaps some business women may find these tips impracticable, but the effect of such a radical rejection of the usual life can exceed all expectations. Just try!

No internet

What prevents relaxing holiday-makers in the first place? Of course, mobile phones, smartphones, the Internet, in general – our need not to lose touch with the outside world. In addition, even if desired, not everyone can afford to be unattainable to the employer.
In this case, you can take some measures. First, talk with the boss and ask him whether you really need to be in touch day and night. Maybe it is not so necessary. And you did not know about it because of the developed sense of responsibility. Maybe it’s enough to agree that you are worried only in case of emergency?
If you can not – even for a couple of weeks – get free from the “information web”, then plan for yourself a certain, clearly limited time for access to the Internet. Difficult? Of course. But worth a try. Because a good rest is the basis for successful and effective work.

7 Reasons to Take a Vacation This Very Minute

reasons to take vacation

Often in our minds there are beliefs that the world will collapse if we go for a ten-minute walk instead of completing the work. But the apocalypse does not happen, just check. If you are thrown into a cold sweat at the thought of tomorrow’s work and your fingers ache from the endless tapping on the keys – it’s time to take a vacation.

1. Vacation is an opportunity to relax

One weekend for an absolute rest is not enough. “Working” mode turns off only on the fourth day of unrestrained relaxation. Thoughts about small assignments that you forgot to give out. And the alarm about a missed letter from the client . All these go into the background when you enjoy the grandeur of mountain landscapes or delve into your favorite book on a lightweight folding beach lounge chair near the pool.

2. You will increase your own productivity

A lot of work will lead to nothing good (do not even convince). To restore strength, you can use your heavy artillery like listening to classical music or evening walks along the waterfront. But all this will give only a temporary result. A week of rest will be enough to draw inspiration for the next six months.

3. Our brain emits a lot of serotonin on the ocean (sea, river)

You stand on the shore. You feel the salty smell of the wind. The evening coolness rests on your shoulders, and harmony is born in your soul. If the holidays have not happened for a long time, it’s better to spend time under at the best beach shelter. Do not look for new meanings, studying architectural sights.

4. You will get an emotional splash

Travel is synonymous with grandiose ideas. Well, it’s really hard to be creative from under the stick, when the brain has not rested for a year. Traveling, you immerse yourself in another culture, absorb new knowledge. You surprise at the findings, which have not been read in travel-blogs. Moreover, sincere surprise contributes to the prolongation of youth, so also positive emotions affect your productivity. Feel free to learn from foreigners, and above all – to enjoy life.

5. Subordinates will cope without you

Give your subordinates the opportunity and see how responsible they can be. The world will not collapse if you delegate your powers and break away from work for a week or two.

6. You will have time for art

Read inspirational literature, enjoy the canvasses of classics and postmodernists, visit theaters. Let your life be more motivational and inspiring. This is a sure step to success.

7. We live once

“Here I will close the task – and I’ll go to dinner.” “I’ll work on Saturday morning – and I’ll go to the cinema.” “I’ll buy an apartment – and then I will enjoy life.” We live in the XXI century and have not yet learned to appreciate the moments, to find time to pamper ourselves. Today and now. Without realizing the problem, we fall into the trap of deferred happiness.

Take a step towards the best. Do you already write a vacation application?

5 Tips to Stay Sunburn Free on Your Next Beach Day

sunburn free beach tips

In recent years, solar activity has increased dramatically, and we feel it on ourselves. Surely you noticed that a few years ago you could have been much longer on the beach under the sun without painful sensations on the skin afterwards, but now everything has changed.

A sunburn is the most frequent and most unpleasant phenomenon during a holiday. Next, we will tell you how to protect yourself from the effects of scorching sunlight and get maximum pleasure from rest.


To prepare the skin for tanning, go to the sauna and use a body scrub. The sunburn will lie more smoothly and more beautifully on the skin, cleared from dead cells. After the procedure, you need to give the skin a few days rest, then apply sunscreen.


It is important to acquire sunscreens and lotions that will help protect the skin from sunburn. In addition, they moisturize the skin and prevent its aging.

Beach tents can help to solve the problem of burns as well. Best pop up beach tents are easy to assemble and transport to any place on the beach, give a good shadow and protection from ultraviolet, are stable in the wind, do not require digging into the sand.

Be moderate

The first time the trip to the beach should take no longer than 20 minutes. In this case, owners of light skin and hair are recommended to be even less exposed to direct sunlight.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that there is a safe time for sunbathing in the morning, from 10.00 to 11.00, and in the evening after 16.00 hours. Such a tan will be the safest.


In addition to a portion of the sun, do not forget about the right products. Before going to the beach, you need to eat vegetables or fruits that contain keratin and vitamin E. The best option is to drink a glass of carrot juice.


It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. Green tea and still water are the best. The liquid helps to protect the skin from dryness and maintain its elasticity.

Top 10 Best Beaches in the USA for an Unforgettable Summer

Beaches are a beautiful gem of nature. It’s difficult to say which one is the best because everyone has different taste.

The list below represents how we see the scale of the best beaches in the USA. If you’re looking for a beach to spend your summer on, keep reading. You’re bound to find your perfect match on here.

1. Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida

Jet skiing on the crystal clear waters is one of the most popular activities on this beach, but you can also sunbathe or swim.

2. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

When you see the impressive view, you probably won’t even want to do anything else but look at it. To maximize comfort, it might be a good idea to buy the perfect beach chair, like Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Lounger.

3. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida

Since people of all ages and interests like to visit it, it offers a variety of fun things to do and see.

4. Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

A fun idea might be to get acquainted with its unique black sand by using the best sun canopy for beach.

5. Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, California

A beach with its own funky attitude, packed with new-age shops and attractions.

6. Bandon Beach, Oregon

Bandon Beach, Oregon

Each season reshapes the sand patterns differently, and diverse wildlife can be seen around. I believe this is the best place for a retreat or camping where you can set up a beach tent.

7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Offers 23 miles of golden sand and measureless fun swimming and diving.

8. Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

Its charm lies in the walks that leave you tranquil and happy.

9. Newport beach, California

Newport Beach, California

Best known for its big harbor filled with many interesting boats.

10. La Jolla, California

La Jolla, California

Breathtaking landscape, offering any activity you might want to try. Truly remarkable.

Unforgettable beaches, indeed

The list has been a representation of the best beaches in the USA, constructed from various types so that you can choose the one that fits you best and have a truly amazing summer- one to tell stories about to your grandkids!

6 Cool Beach Products You Definitely Need

Most of us are always on the hunt for those little gadgets that make spending time on a beach more comfortable and manageable. Take a peek at what we think are the top products you most certainly need.

You certainly can’t go to the beach without all the fun and comfort providing equipment. Here are some snazzy suggestions.

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Portable and easy to set up, stylish and easy to clean sand from. The most likable feature about it might be the UV protection it offers. We also recommend to check out other best beach tents on the market.

2. Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Universal Waterproof Cell Phone Case

What better way to keep your phone dry and safe while capturing the untamed beauty of the underwater world than with this handy waterproof case.

3. Cover-ups Bikini Swim Beach Wear

Cover-ups Bikini Swim Beach Wear

Adorable cover-up to put when you get out of the water to keep you warm. No doubt that you will look stylish while losing in the comfort of this handy piece of clothes.

4. Indian Mandala Tapestry

Indian Mandala Tapestry

Perfect to sit on or cover up with in spite of the blowing wind. This one-of-a-kind Indian Mandala Tapestry will certainly turn your vacation into the bright and vibrant experience.

5. Turtleback Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holder
Turtleback Sand Coaster Drink Cup Holder

Never have to worry where you left your drink again. This cleverly designed drink cup holder is absolutely a must-have on your vacation!

6. Compact Outdoor Beach Picnic Blanket

Beach Picnic BlanketIt’s time to take your vacation to a whole another level! A picnic on the beach becomes reality with this plastic blanket, easy to dust sand off.

Fun in the sun

These beach accessories make every day in the sun less stressful because they worry about the little things for you so you can just relax.

6 Tips for a Family Beach Vacation on a Budget

You might be saving your paychecks, but you still deserve to relax and unwind under the sun, so we’ve come up with this list of simple tips on how to treat your family without having to spend a ton of money.

Time has to be taken in order to plan a wonderful yet inexpensive vacation, especially one on a beach. So here’s what’s suggested.

budget family beach vacation tips


Before going, research the place you’ll be going to online, through pamphlets or ask around. Keep an eye out for discounts. Make sure your kids feel included to give them a sense of togetherness.

Choose time wisely

It is better to focus on the beginning or end of the season. As a rule, these are months like May, the beginning of June and September, and also the beginning of October. The heat in these months is not felt to the full, the water is warm for swimming, and the prices are significantly different from July and August.

Pack lunch

Pack sandwiches and snacks instead of eating in a beach restaurant or café. A family picnic on the beach is a more fun idea than a restaurant, anyway.

Talk, talk, talk

Explain to your kids that you won’t be able to spend a lot before you go, and they will listen if you explain thoroughly.

Sunny afternoons

Beaches usually offer venues to lounge in on them, but instead of spending money on that everyday, bring your own chairs from home. It’s doubtful you can go wrong with the 5 position Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair.

Nothing wrong with camping

Why not make the trip there part of vacation? You could even camp out under the stars and give yourself a chance to rest. If you need the best beach shelter but still want to look at the stars, the Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent might be your solution.

As you can see, there are many ways to have a fun family vacation without having to spend a lot. Most importantly, just enjoy the sun and your family’s company.

5 Best Beach Camping Tips for Your Next Trip

Going camping and going to the beach – two activities that are a lot of fun, are good for you and aren’t even that expensive. Imagine combining them now. If you had such a good idea, then, below are written some short yet useful tips on how to make the best of beach camping.

Every camping trip needs to include some essentials such as a tarp, sleeping bags, beach shelters, cooking supplies and flashlights, but the most important thing just might be a positive attitude!

Beach Camping Tips

Rain, rain go away, come again another day

Never forget your rainfly, even if there is no chance of it raining. You’re sleeping near the water meaning the humidity is high, and everything is going to be damp. Who wants to wake up like that?

The high tide might be nigh

Is it? Better investigate before setting up camp! Familiarize yourself with the water, and make sure you don’t sleep close to it. Remember, the full moon affects the tides’ behaviour. Be sure to check tide charts!

Sand-coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere

Sand has a habit of getting into all the little nooks and crannies that it really shouldn’t be in.
Using the best beach tents are a great way to avoid sand; the Pacific Breeze Ease Up Beach Tent might be a good choice, but in any case – good luck!

Sleeping wrapped in warmth

One idea to enhance the experience would be sleeping under the stars. If the night’s clear and you decide to fall asleep outside, use a synthetic sleeping bag. We suggest using the Coleman Sleeping Bag, to ensure everything goes fine.

The warm glow of the flames

Fire is the best way of keeping warm and makes things more oldschool, and more romantic. Use dry wood and be patient as it takes a while for it to start. Also, portable beach chairs are better to sit on than the ground so be sure to bring some. A recommendation would be the Cascade Mountain Tech’s Lightweight Outdoor Chair.

Enjoy Your Beach Camping!

You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for nature after a night out on the beach, so just be sure to utilize your new knowledge, gained after reading this article!

6 Tips for a Stress Free Beach Vacation With Your Kids

As much as children are the highlight of a person’s life, we all know they can be a handful. Often, beach vacation does not end very well – kids get injured, sunburn, heat strokes or after unsuccessful bathing catch a cold. How to make your rest safe and pleasant? What to foresee in advance? How to prepare properly for the trips to the beach?

If you want to ensure your kids are content in order to have a nice beach vacation, read the simple tips below. The following tips are here to ensure a quarrel-free, hundred-percent enjoyable vacation with your loved ones.

stress free beach vacation with kids

Preparation is key

Give your kids plenty of time to digest the thought of travelling, and try choosing a beach together to make them feel included.

Family activities

As you know, playing at sea with a child is an excellent way to develop his coordination of movements and intelligence. The construction of sand castles is a useful and interesting activity during the rest. Include them in planning these as well, but know that you’re all going to be tired after playing in the sand and water all day. That’s why you should consider buying a beach canopy to be able to relax in the shade.


Remember, you’re on vacation. Don’t fret over rules; beach vacations were made for tossing aside everyday life and enjoying the sun. A comfortable beach lounger might get you in the right mood and help all of you kick it back.

“I’m hungry”

Every parent hears this sentence a thousand times per day, which is why it’s important to have a bundle of snacks with you at all times! Take a light meal that does not go bad on the road – fruits, vegetables, cookies, juice. In addition, be sure to take water on the beach so that the child always has the opportunity to quench his thirst and wash the hands.


Mishaps are bound to occur, especially if you’re travelling with very young children, so put yourself at ease with travel insurance. An important condition for visiting the beach for adults and children of all ages is the use of sunscreens.

Be positive

Something is bound to go wrong, but that’s okay – just keep your cool. Children tend to mimic our behaviour, so stressing won’t help anyone. Just take a moment and breathe.

Worries washed away! The waves have a magical ability to make everything serene and peaceful, but so does your attitude. The most important thing to remember is that you being happy, makes your kids happy.

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